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    Hand Crafted in the mountains of Durango, Colorado USA. Each board is fashioned from select hardwoods and built to last a lifetime! Each game is signed and numbered for authenticity.

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    The playing surface is constructed with oak veneer and the tiles and frame of wormy maple. Every board has it’s own unique character. Our games are constructed with years of fun in mind.

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Watch & Learn to Play

Klackers is an ages old game and is simple to play. The video will teach you the rules and basic strategy. Versions of this game were played by sailors to pass the time and gamble with friends on the high seas.


Watch the short instructional video!

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Klackers History


The History of Klackers

In 1988, Mike moved from Pennsylvania to Vail, Colorado. He soon discovered this curious pub dice game. No one was quite sure what to call it... some said, "Down the Line", others were certain it was "Shut the Box". Mike called it "KLACKERS" because of the sound of wood "KLACKING" against wood.

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Klackers Rules


It's easy to play Klackers!

The objective of KLACKERS is to pull all nine numbers on the board forward; giving the player a score of zero-to score a zero is to “KLACK”! However, it is not necessary to KLACK to win. The player with the lowest score at the end of each round after all players have rolled wins that round. In the event of a tie, please see the “Two tie all tie rule below”.

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